John Grays Mars Venus Super Minerals for Men

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John Gray’s Mars Venus Super Minerals offer a large amount of minerals for healthy brain chemistry, preserving memory, and helping you feel happier each day. The brain is only 2% of your body weight, but it uses 25% of your energy. Your brain needs energy and fuel to be at its peak performance. The minerals needed for optimum brain function, include iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium, as well as trace minerals, such as chromium, selenium, magnesium. If you have trouble concentrating, it’s likely you are not getting enough of the minerals your brain needs. Research shows that magnesium can reduce irritability and hyperactivity in children with attention disorders. Iron is needed, not only to build blood cells, but also used by the brain. Some children with iron deficiencies have demonstrated impaired intellectual performance. These minerals include Potassium, Calcium, Vitmain D3, Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, Lithium, Born and other trace minerals. All are very important to fighting the effects of poor nutrition and nutrient depletion from living in our modern world. Serving Size 2 Capsules. Servings Per Container: 30



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