Fit Affinity Tight Tummy Reduce Bloating for Women – (90 Capsules)

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Beat belly bloat with Fit Affinity’s Tight Tummy for Her. Combining the best all natural ingredients in vegetable capsules, to help reduce bloating, improve digestion, decrease stomach irritation and tighten your tummy, they will leave you feeling and looking your best all year round. Are you tired of drinking detox teas that leave you with nothing more than a belly full of fluid and a bitter taste in your mouth? Our Tight Tummy capsules are the answer to your prayers. And, unlike shakes and teas, they are convenient enough to fit into even the busiest of lifestyles. With a combination of probiotics, digestive enzymes and a well-researched blend of herbal ingredients including ginger root, peppermint leaf, chamomile flower and fennel seed, they are expertly designed to keep your tummy staying tight and your digestive system functioning at its best. Get ready to finally beat belly bloat! Benefits • All natural ingredients • Reduce belly bloating • Improve digestion • Vegetarian capsules • Helps tighten tummy Also includes probiotic blend for digestive health. How to Use Take 2 capsules daily after breakfast, or when feeling bloated 2 capsules after each meal. Maximum 6 capsules per day. What’s Included Supplements: 1 x Tight Tummy for Her (90 Veggie Capsules)



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