Chinese Coptis (coptis chinensis) aka Golden Thread – No Binder, No fillers – Potent Whole Herb Huang Lian

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MAXIMUM STRENGTH 550Mg PER CAPSULE Golden Thread is a potent source of Berberine. At AMG Naturals we have noted that berberine works best in its whole herb form.  Meaning, we won’t separate berberine from the way mother nature intended it, inside the herb Chinese Coptis. Our Chinese Coptis is unique in that all our products are clinically tested.  If it hasn’t been used in one of our doctor’s offices, then we don’t use it.  Chinese Coptis is used in our clinics as part of our leaky gut and SIBO protocols as well as to provide immune support to improve energy levels. Berberine Berberine is a unique herb that has multiple human trials supporting its uses. Many individuals use the berberine in golden thread for its blood sugar regulation and anti-inflammatory effects.  Berberine has become a popular product in functional medicine offices as it can both support he liver as well as support optimal intestinal health. Research suggests that future uses of berberine may include: – Promoting healthy blood sugar metabolism* – Supporting healthy cardiovascular function* – AMPK activation* – Improving insulin sensitivity* – Supporting healthy digestive system* – Maintaining healthy brain function* – Supporting proper mood and stress responses* AMG Naturals provides the cleanest Chinese Coptis without any binders or fillers. If you are looking for maximum benefits, AMG Naturals is the source to look for.



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