Body Ecology Vitality SuperGreen, 279 gram

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We use fermentation to set our green drink apart — fermenting can help to magnify the bioavailability of nutrients, potentially increasing the potency of this superfood drink. The fermentation process not only enhances nutrition, it gives Vitality SuperGreen a unique flavor. Tart, tangy, and light, our powdered green drink has been described as both refreshing and satisfying. In Vitality SuperGreen, you’ll find a diverse formulation of nutrients, including algae; cereal grass; an L-glutamine and chicory root intestinal support blend; fermented organic parsley, kale, and spinach; a fermented algae blend; multiple probiotic strains; and vanilla and calorie-free Stevia for flavor. Vitality SuperGreen remains one of our most popular products for a reason: It contains no fillers and excipients, and it’s easy to mix up for a morning, mid-day, or evening snack. Mix or shake two scoops of Vitality SuperGreen with 8 ounces of filtered water, and enjoy any time you need an extra superfood “boost” during the day. Vitality SuperGreen can be used to complement a high-energy weight loss program, aiding in detox, or added to any meal to support healthy weight gain.



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