You cannot do without quality baker products if you want to make pies, cupcakes and cakes. A form for baking is necessary to make muffins, waffles, biscuits, nuts, cookies, pizza, bread. Manufacturers produce products designed for one dish, and universal options. You can make a choice of available models of silicone, aluminum, glass, ceramics, cast iron, stainless steel. They differ in the number of compartments, size, design and price. Most products are only suitable for the oven. Some models are also compatible with microwave and induction cooker.


Good baking sheet

When making a choice, you should pay attention to the size and material. Most of the trays are made in the form of a rectangle with rounded edges. Metal (aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron) is suitable for making tartlets and shortbread cookies. It is also convenient for baking cakes.

Ceramic and glass trays distribute heat evenly. The porous structure of the material prevents over drying: the food remains juicy, which is confirmed by user reviews. Ceramic mold is used for making soufflés and casseroles, as well as for dishes of vegetables and meat. Let’s look closely at the non-stick coating. Teflon prevents dough from sticking to the surface, making it easier to wash.

Quality baking molds

Silicone baker products are characterized by affordable cost. They should be greased with oil only before the first use. Wait until the dish cools down before you remove the pastries. Paper options are easy and inexpensive. If you buy a one-time form for cupcakes, you will save time on cleaning: it will be thrown away after using. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but does not stick to the dough. The models can be round, diamond-shaped or square. Manufacturers also produce models in the form of bears, hearts and other figures. A square option is suitable for baking pies, a round one with sides is good for making cakes. Cooking rings with a hole are suitable for cakes and apple pies: the pastry turns fluffy and baked evenly.